Some inventions are novelties, but some on the other hand, have the potential to change the way we live. Here's a list of some of those things that may actually, improve our lives. Check it out below:

1. Engineers are now able to print 3D prosthetics at a fraction of the cost of previous ones.

2. Actual jetpacks are being developed for emergency first responders.

3. Wearable sensors could translate sign language into spoken words.

4. This bikini is made out of a material that absorbs water pollution.

5. There is new virtual reality technology that can help wearers forget pain.

6. Children stories will never be the same once they release these augmented reality coloring books.

7. This ‘Tractor Beam’ can actually levitate objects using sound waves

8. Wireless phone charging will eliminate all the cords you can’t ever find.

9. And there is a new kind of countertop that could actually charge your phone.

10. The show ‘Battle Bot’ actually airs robot duels on television, USA vs Japan is coming soon.

11. Cars really are capable of driving themselves. There’s even one Tesla that can do it all on its own.

12. A 3-D pen that can make anything you can imagine.

13. Developers are working on a new jet concept that could take you from London to New York City in 30 minutes.

14. It’s official, there is now a robot that can do your laundry.

15. And the trash might even be picked up by robots, too.

16. Hoverboards exist, and they even play music while you ride. Still have a few tweaks to work out on this one.

17. A 3D laser scanner can scan anything and turn it into insane art.