With the likes of hacks happening almost every other quarter in a year, it seems like nothing can ever be truly safe from intruders. It is probably one of the most secure applications you can use to safeguard sensitive information you need to send out.

Here’s why you should highly consider an app that takes security into so much consideration:

1. Zipit Chat used iron-clad security: Advanced Encryption Standards 256 encryption.

Zipit Chat is one of the most secure mass-market messaging systems available right now. Built on AES256 encryption, not many apps of this kind are available. Even the widely used WhatsApp has yet to solve its next messaging problem: personal security. The crypto weaknesses in WhatsApp is “the kind of stuff the NSA would love.”

Do you have a secret to tell?

Zipit Chat on other hand secures your chat, messages email and notes with military-grade encryption so that it is quite impossible to well-known attacks that allow people to monitor a connection between two end points and decipher the communication between them.

2. Your chats will be private as heck

Got something really private to say? Other message apps in the market today aren’t as secure as you think. Zipit Chat’ss security protocols ensure that the snooping ears of security agencies are locked out.

3. Got super private confidential emails to send?

Your email attachments are sent in an entirely encrypted format. Which means, even if they are intercepted by a third party, all they’ll see is gibberish. The app allows for attachments of up to 10MB for video and emails.

4. Basically, everything you have and do will be like part of a secret society

Imagine everything including your phone book information kept like the biggest secret in the world. Even the screen capture feature is disabled with Zipit Chat.

5. Nothing gets leaked out, nothing at all.

Got that raunchy message to send to someone? You’re pretty much secure with Zipit Chat. The app is basically positioning itself to be synonymous with security. Those flirty texts and attachments are on secure lockdown!

6. There was a contest to decipher its text but no one could break it.

A little over a month ago we ran a contest for Zipit Chat by getting people to decrypt three messages from encrypted texts. It was hard to beat, and here are some of the unsuccessful attempts at cracking it:

1. Stop all hackers from getting your texts.
2. The most secure encryption is AES256.
3. This is so secure, not even the government will be able to hack you.

Some thought the encryption exercise was the answer:

1. Dude! Where's my car??
2. Double rainbow is old news. Triple rainbow FTW!
3. Do you even lift, bro??

Most people were really just guessing:

1. Run over the rabbit's foot.
2. This is so secure it is pointless to try.
3. No one can hack this without the secret key.

1. My pet rabbit has put on 2 kilograms. Can you believe it?
2. The only you can crack this is if you are a good psychic, or you have the secret key.
3. It is better to give than to receive.

7. No one was able to crack it. Not even close.

While the encrypted text itself isn’t completely vulnerable to brute-force cracking, it can only be deciphered by using a specific secret key to that specific encrypted text. Brute-force attacking AES256 encryption could take years too.

If you’re looking for something that has a can’t-crack, don’t-tell policy, this might just be the app that you have to download.

Zipit Chat arrives at a perfect time where the lack of privacy has become an issue everyone is familiar with but can’t do much about it.

Now you can safeguard your personal space.

Zipit Chat is now available for download on Google Play. The service is free until 30 November 2015.