With frequent updates to television technology it gets tough and taxing for individuals to keep up with these technologies and what they offer. One of the latest technologies to have taken the world by storm is the 4K technology that has beaten other options by a large margin.

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What is 4K?

Another name for 4K TV is Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV. Everyone is using the term loosely, saying how they wish to buy a new 4K TV, but only a few actually understand the term and what it is offering that differentiates it with the current HD resolution.

4K TV offers 4 times better picture quality than your standard HD TV with 1080 pixels. The content that it displays has a resolution of 4096 x 2160. Translating in simple English without the technicalities, 4K demonstrates much better image details that you have never experienced before. You can sit at a closer range all you want to as you will not see jagged edges on your television.

Benefits of having a 4K television

Sales data from last year in Europe showed that almost 17% of televisions sold in the UK had the 4K resolution. This is pretty awesome statistics relative to how new the technology still is.

Here are some of the benefits that 4K TV has to offer for the viewers.

•      Much more detailed picture
This is the primary benefit of having a 4K TV, which is a detailed picture. As mentioned earlier, 4K resolution is 4 times better than the HD picture. The significant pixel density allows viewers to see every detail in the picture, no matter how minute.

•      Smoother image
Since the pixel density in 4K is 4 times greater than your regular HD, it shows a much smoother and clear image on your TV even when you sit on a close range without compromising the image quality. Thus you can watch TV from the same distance as you watch from your HD screen even if you get a bigger screen.

•      Offers a cinematic experience
The extraordinary resolution offered by 4K television ensures that the image quality will be maintained even when you are viewing on a large screen panel. Since the pixel density is much higher, it also offers better image depth and flawless color blending. Some viewers claim that watching shows on a 4K TV makes them feel like they are watching a 3D picture.

•      Aptly suited for bigger televisions
There has been a growing trend among consumers to buy larger screens. However, the 1080p HD picture doesn’t provide a flawless picture in bigger screens. 4K technology, with its extended resolution is perfectly suitable for big screens as it doesn’t sacrifices picture quality.

Display panels: LED or OLED?

4K televisions require either an LED screen or OLED screen as its display panel. Though OLED is the new upgrade, most of 4K TVs are still using LED screens as it is inexpensive.

OLED panels, on the other hand, offer a greater quality in the overall viewing experience. Watching 4K content on an OLED screen is bound to give you a pristine color combination and a blur-free image. However, OLED screens are quite expensive and since it is a relatively new technology in the display screens, it isn’t very common yet.

4K Content

Much of today’s content is not filmed in 4K technology. There are only a limited number of shows and movies that are available in 4K content, which viewers can stream online through Netflix, YouTube and other such online services. You can also get DIRECTV for Your Home and see if the package includes 4K content.

As 4K TVs are gaining popularity, manufacturers are working on delivering viewers with 4K content in the form of Ultra HD Blu-ray players and discs. These are expected to be introduced in the coming year.

4K TV Sets

Many television manufacturers and vendors such as Sony, Samsung and LG have introduced 4K Ultra HD television sets.

•    Samsung UE65JS9500 is one of the most popular 4K TVs available. It has an LED display panel with a curved screen of 65 inches. Though you may find it to be super expensive, it provides the best cinematic viewing experience.

•    LG 65EC970V is a 4K TV with OLED panel. The screen size is again curved and is of 65 inches. The picture quality delivered is extremely natural.

•    Sony KD-75X9405C has a 75 inch screen with LED panel. Though it is slightly on the bulky side, this 4K TV comes with brilliant speakers along with a smart Android TV.
There are a wide range of 4K televisions available from which you can choose from.
Thus 4K resolution has become a new buzz in television technology and rightly so. High pixel density, extended color blend and pristine picture quality along with image depth has made it very popular among the viewers.