This year has seen the introduction of a handful of Bitcoin debit cards to the market; A welcome innovation which provide an easy way for users to spend the digital cryptocurrency with ease in the real, physical world. Different card providers operate around the world; Cryptopay provides users in the UK and Europe with Bitcoin services, which include their newly released Bitcoin debit card.

How it works

Cryptopay users can order a card with ease from their account. Users are given the option of Euro or Pound Sterling enabled cards, and a choice of express and standard delivery. It’s possible to have a Bitcoin debit card delivered within just a few days!

The card itself is relatively generic, but functional; It looks and works just like any other Visa debit card. The card is loaded from within your Cryptopay account, and it’s surprisingly straightforward to get started!

One of the biggest complaints about Bitcoin is the difficulty often experienced when exchanging the cryptocurrency, as the process can be time consuming and complicated for less technical users.

Coupled with a lack of merchants accepting the cryptocurrency, this can make it very difficult actually utilise the value stored by bitcoins. Bitcoin debit cards provide a possible solution to this problem, as many people are very familiar with debit card technology. The card can be used in the same way as a bank-issued chip and pin debit/credit card.

Activate the card and use it anywhere!

Once you have received and activated the card, you must load funds onto it. This can be be done from your Cryptopay account, using the “Send Money” tab. Once loaded, the card can be used for transactions in shops, online and even to withdraw cash at an ATM.

As it is a VISA card, the cov-erage provided is relatively comprehensive. A bitcoin debit card can be used as a travel backup, or even just for everyday purchases. Converting from Bitcoin to fiat is very easy when using the card at the ATM, and provided you make sure your card is loaded with sufficient funds, there is no need to worry about exact figures and conversion rates.

This is a perfect solution for users with relatively large bitcoin assets, who need a way to occasionally utilise the funds for purchases. Without the card, such as user would need to work out how much bitcoin he must convert and go through the conversion process, before being able to spend his funds. Freelancers who receive payment in bitcoins may find a bitcoin card provides a straightforward means to access their wages.

Cryptopay can also provide a means for companies complete their payroll obligations using Bitcoin. Employees all around the world can be paid using bitcoin, and combined with a Cryptopay debit card they could easily access their wages. This is particularly relevant in our globalising world, where international workforces are common.

All card transactions can be viewed from your account online, so it is easy to keep on top of your spending. It is easy to load the card from your Cryptopay bitcoin wallet or GBP/EUR Flex accounts. Overall the Cryptopay is a useful offering, which provides an easy way to start using bitcoins more actively.

A new offering coming soon to Cryptopay is a free, virtual debit card which will be available to all users. This allows bitcoins to be used to make purchases all over the web, which is a really fantastic offering. Innovations such as Bitcoin debit cards, virtual and physical, go a long way to making the cryptocurrency more user-friendly and open to greater adoption; Almost all e-commerce sites accept VISA payments.

Sign up for a Cryptopay account & order your Bitcoin debit card today!