With under a fortnight to go until its release, Apple’s latest iPhone release is already shaping up to be one of the hottest devices of 2015 and 2016.

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Stores across the globe will already be preparing themselves for the opening day madness. There will be images of fans camping out in hopes of becoming the first person to get their hands on the sought-after device.

But the real question on most people’s lips is whether they should spend their hard earned cash on the product. Here’s the low-down on what to expect from the next big thing in smartphone technology.

New Features

As always, the new incarnation of the world’s most popular phone will bring a host of new features to the table. In fairness to Apple, this is probably their biggest upgrade since the introduction of iPhone 4 over half-a-decade ago.

The 6S and 6S Plus will boast a number of new features, but the most anticipated will undoubtedly be the introduction of 3D Touch. If it works as it should, it has the potential to thrust smartphone technology to the next level.

There have been some versions of the iPhone where it was hard to see why Apple couldn’t have just released a new iOS update. The advancements for the 6S mean it undoubtedly deserves its release.

Upgraded Hardware

As well as new features, the new iPhone has also improved a number of its existing features. While this is hardly a new concept, fans will be pleased to see the camera improved to 12MP while it is also capable of capturing video footage at 4K.

The front camera has also been upgraded to 5MP, which is great news for fans of FaceTime. Or selfies. Perhaps most impressively, the notion of live photos will bring a whole new dimension to the experience.

While new features are obviously great, Apple know they’ve got the blueprint of a successful smartphone tied down. They’ve stayed true to form while still making noticeable improvements. Essentially, there’s no reason to fix what isn’t broken.

Added Personality

The one thing we do like about the new iPhone is that it takes personalisation to the next level. While the 3D Touch adds an extra sense of security, there are also a number of ways that this device feels more unique than previous generations.

Apple have heavily marketed its closeness to the Beats brand, and those products have clearly been considered. Listening to music on a mobile phone has never been better. Meanwhile, iPhone 6S cases give users the chance to make their hardware feel more personalised too.

Naturally, there are a number of ways to make your home screen feel unique to your needs too.


After the 5S and 5C failed to deliver on the promise of signalling noticeable progress from the iPhone 5, this year’s 6S does feel a lot better than the 6.

There is a genuine feeling that this pending release will signal a huge moment in the continued progress of smartphone tech. Without a doubt, it is Apple’s best edition so far. If you’ve can find the right deal, it’s easily the best choice for your next phone.