The mobile app industry is booming, and it grows with each passing day. If you can think of something, there’s probably an app for it. Recently, we’re seeing an increase in businesses using mobile apps. Either they create one themselves or they use current apps to improve their business efficiency. If you run your own small business, then take a look at some apps you should get!

Communication Apps

There are lots of apps to help with your business communication. You should download social media apps, so you can stay updated and talk to your customers. Also download the relevant email app, depending on your provider. By downloading communication apps like these you can stay in contact with customers on the go. If your business requires you to move around a lot, chances are you’ll take calls to your mobile. You can install voicemail apps to deal with customer calls to your mobile when you’re busy. The app will deal with incoming calls and save messages for you.

Finance Apps

You can download apps to help with your business finances too. Mobile banking apps let you check on your accounts and see if everything is in order. There are apps that let you check the current exchange rates if you need to take a business trip overseas. You can download apps that let you organize your finances too. You can track what you’re spending and how much money you're getting in.

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News Apps

You’ll be surprised at how useful these apps are for a business. If you want to make it to the top, you need to keep up to date with the latest news in your industry. News apps can send push notifications through your phone that keep you updated. Learning about the big news and trends can help you devise a better business plan.

Scheduling Apps

Downloading a good calendar app is a great way to keep yourself organized and on a schedule. You can input various meetings and tasks into a calendar and get reminders when the time is near. This makes it hard for you to forget things and keeps you on time.

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Note Taking Apps

There are many note taking apps out there that are great for business. They let you jot down any notes you have and save them for later. Which means, if you’re out and you think of an idea, you can type it in a note and save it. You don’t need to worry about carrying a pen and paper around in case you get a good idea. Some phones come with built in notepads, but there are more detailed apps on the market.

Printer Apps

Turn your phone into the ultimate office tool with these apps. Find an app that lets you print documents from your device to the office printer. It’s great if you’re checking emails on your phone and need to print one out, you can just do it from your phone.