If you're a new mom or dad, you're no stranger to the nighttime song and dance: up and down all night as you respond to your waking baby. Even when he's sleeping soundly, you're hopping up to check on him because he's too quiet. It seems crazy, and if you keep it up for long you'll be an exhausted wreck. Enter: MonBaby.

MonBaby is a small, wearable smart button designed by a team of programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs with one thing in common: the experience of raising small children. MonBaby tracks a baby's breathing movement and sleep position five times per second using ultra-precise sensors. The device then sends real-time data to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) via the MonBaby app.

If no movement is detected for 15 seconds, or if your baby rolls from her back to her stomach, you'll immediately receive an alert. Why is this important? Babies sleeping on their stomach are much more susceptible to SIDS--Sudden Infant Death Syndrome--than those sleeping on their back. No more sneaking into your babys room, risking waking him up. MonBaby will tell you when you need to turn him over. You can also choose to receive an alert if your baby falls or moves outside a certain proximity.

“So many times I would peek over the edge of my son’s crib to check on him, and I would only end up waking him up,” said MonBaby founder Arturas Vaitaitis. “I knew there had to be a better way to monitor him than with the traditional audio and video monitors. I was intrigued by the growing popularity of wearables at the time, and saw a perfect opportunity to combine the two areas.”

While MonBaby isn't a medical device--it's a wearable consumer electronic--it goes a long way to ease your mind if you've got a little one in the house. Perhaps its best feature is its universal form factor; unlike other baby wearables, one single device works on any pajama, onesie or piece of clothing. One size fits all. If your baby needs a change, just snap the plastic button off and onto a fresh set of clothes.

Thinking of ordering a MonBaby for yourself? You better jump on it, because the first shipment of product sold out within a few weeks. You can learn more about this handy little gadget and place an order for the next shipment by visiting MonBaby.com.  The brand also offers a resource center dedicated entirely to information and news on safe sleep for babies. It’s called the Safe Sleep portal, and you can access it here.