Apps are not just used to play games or waste time as they were in the past. The emergence of apps that change the way we live has become more prevalent than in the past. Car enthusiasts now have apps that not only entertain but that also help the user save money — something no one will complain about.

While you shouldn’t use these apps when you are driving, you can hand the responsibility over to a passenger. The following apps can save you time and money while in your car, making them truly useful.


This app is a must have for someone who is constantly driving. GasBuddy shows the gas stations in an area and displays the differing prices. This can come in handy when traveling to a new area with which you are not familiar, or it can even help you find the cheapest option in your local area. The map feature makes getting to the gas station a breeze. This app can save time and money for any user.


Many people try to shop around when having to get their car repaired. The fear of spending too much money bothers many people as some garages charge a huge percentage more than others. RepairPal helps users find the cheapest and best repair shops in the area. This will also give estimates related to your make and model of car.


This application is supported by a giant community of users who report traffic conditions and gas prices for specific areas. This app will give new and faster routes if traffic conditions change for the worse on the originally selected route. Apps like Waze that have active communities are great for commuters as they are constantly updating it for the other users.


Ever get into a car accident then wish you had taped the scene and taken pictures? People who are involved in accidents are happy to use Witness, an app that records on a loop and can help defend you in the court of law. By using this app on advanced cell phones like the Galaxy S6, especially those powered by a trustworthy network, you can help eliminate fraud without worry when it comes to car accidents. This app also has the ability to show the current speed while recording which can help in the event of an accident of some type.


This is great for a person in a new place or if you just moved to a new town. AroundMe will find the locations of restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, and more using your phone’s GPS. This is a necessity for road trips as it can help you navigate even after you take a few wrong turns.


This app is great for the person who feels like they have traveled all over their city. Yelp allows users to discover new peer-recommended hotspots. Yelp gives ratings and even lets you know what locations are expensive and which ones are easier on the wallet.


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If you commonly travel to areas where you do not know anybody, the Honk app can help to put your mind at ease. Having this roadside assistance app can help a stranded driver with a multitude of different repairs, whether you need to change your tire or jump start your battery.

Beat The Traffic

This app does exactly what its title implies. Beat The Traffic helps users get around traffic jams by offering alternate routes. There is a “shake to report” function which makes reporting traffic safe as the user does not have to take their eyes off of the road. This might not eliminate traffic completely, but it can help you drastically shorten your daily commute.

As you can see, these apps do a variety of things for the mobile person. They can save you money and time on a consistent basis, can help you navigate, and can even help you out in a jam. Enjoy using these apps, but, for safety's sake, don't do it while you're behind the wheel. What apps have you found helpful for when you're driving?