Postpaid plans tie you in a monthly commitment, and that's not actually such a bad thing, if you don't end up choosing the plan with the best value that is. Here's a comparison of some of the plans that are being offered right now. We break it down to offerings, value for money, and also network coverage and quality.

1. FIRST™ by Celcom RM38

At RM38/month, it is by far the cheapest postpaid plan with the best value. One good thing about it is that doesn't make you pay for bundled services you may not really use that much. Because of that, it's got a pay-per-use rate that's standard to all networks for calls and SMSes. It offers the highest data volume per month with 3GB of Internet and 3GB of WiFi.

Comments: Network quality is superb and coverage is solid.
Pros: It provides more of data and if you don't utilize all of it, it rolls over to the next month. Celcom Wifi coverage is very wide as well. Moreover, there's over 50 minutes of calls to all networks. You can check it out here.
Cons: If 6GB of data is not enough for you, you probably need to be spending more time in the real world.

2. Digi

At RM45/month, it offers a bundle of 2GB data and 200 SMSes onnet. It doesn't come with voice, and its data offerings are standard.

  Digi Smart 50
 Package Value
 Data Volume
 Bundle Voice
 Bundle SMS
 200 SMS Onnet
 PPU Rate
 15 sen to all networks

Comments: Network quality is improving, but coverage could be poor at certain areas.
Pros: It is still affordable, and offers a pay-per-use rate of voice at 15 sen to all networks.
Cons: It bundles SMS and doesn't have WiFi connectivity. Just how many SMSes have you sent out lately?

3. Maxis

They don't have any offering below RM50.

4. Umobile

At RM50, Umobile is bundling everything but SMS in to get your attention. It offers a 3GB data volume, 100 minutes to all networks, 30 mins Onnet everyday and a cheap pay-per-use rate of 10 sen to all networks should you run out of voice.

Comments: UMobile doesn't have good coverage if you're out of urban areas and most people are on other earlier networks making its 30 mins Onnet pretty useless.
Pros: 3GB of data volume is high, 50 mins to all networks is good. And they don't bundle in SMSes.
Cons: If data volume is what you're looking for, RM50 is a high price to pay for 3GB. Plus it doesn't carry forward any unutilized data.