Google hacks are aplenty, and here's a list of practical things you might just use when you're running a search for something. These hacks are actually quite useful, and could save you some time when you're looking for anything. Check it out below:

1. Get Google to do your math problems.

2. Convert currency and units.

3. Put quaotation marks in search term to search in exact order.

4. Fill in the blanks with an asterisks to get Google to complete your search

5. Search 100 years' worht of digitzed newspapers.

6. Put ".." in between two numbers to search within that range.

7. Search for a specific file type like PDF or Powerpoint by typing something like this: filetype:PPT

8. Add "intitle:" in front of your search to produce results with that term in the title of the webpage.

9. Search the name of the holiday and it will tell you what date it will be on.

10. Define a word by typing "define" in front, followed by the word.

11. Translate text to any language.

12. Include "anagram" in your search and Google will make anagrams for you.

13. Calculate your tip with Google's "tip calculator"

14. Search for "Books by" with the name of the author and Google will display all their works.

15. Set a timer by typing "set time for" and the amount of time you need.

16. Remove certain words in your search term by including a minus sign (-) to exclude them.