When it comes to finding the right apps for your phone, it’s imperative that you know what’s hot and what’s not for 2015. While we are flying through February, there are some hot new releases on the iPhone that everyone has to download. After all, an iPhone without apps is a sad thing!

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, there is an app to suit everyone. After all, apps are big business now. It makes sense to seek out the hottest new apps for the rest of the year.


Hopper is a must for all international jet-setters. It’s predominantly used on iPhone but is currently being piloted on Android. It’s a great app for those that love to travel. What’s more, Hopper claims to save its users over 40% on their holiday needs. What could be better than that?


Caller Smart

Caller Smart allows you to trace a phone number. You may not think you need it. But, you definitely do. Picture the scene. You’re at a bar. You’ve got your beer goggles on. You give a ‘hottie’ your number. But, once you’ve sobered up, you realise that the hottie is a nottie. When they call, you can dodge their conversation! It sounds mean. But, there are practical uses to the app too. If you have an interview, you can screen the call to ensure that you seem the epitome of professional. It’s a great tool to have and can save you from some embarrassing moments.

Letter Space

If you are something of an avid note taker in meetings or lectures, you need a technologically advanced way to gather your notes. After all, pen and paper is rather draconian. Letter Space ensures that you have easy access to your notes. Using the hashtag function, you can swipe through your notes with ease and find the information at the swipe of a finger. What’s more, you can save your existing notes to the system. It’s the easiest way to sit through board meetings and classes.

Funny or Die Weather

Looking through windows is so 2014. If you want to maximise your chances of getting the weather right, the Funny or Die Weather app is a must. It’s the ultimate way to make sure that you are aware of the weather wherever you are. The best thing is, is that is jam-packed with jokes and comedic anecdotes. You can ensure that you are armed with weather facts and comedy to lighten your day. Sure, it sounds a little crazy but it’s a fun app. The best thing is, is that it’s free for Apple users.

Minesweeper Widget

The classic PC game is now available on the iPhone. But, it’s not quite as you know it.  The widget edition of the game can now be played on your iPhone lock screen. It’s an amazing way to kill time or procrastinate without having to go into your phone's memory. Just swipe the lock screen to start playing a kick ass game of Minesweeper. It’s also as infuriating as you remembered too!