An iPhone is so much more than a phone. It’s a way of life. So, when you get your hands on your latest iPhone, you are probably looking at all the neat things that it does. There are so many hidden gems in the iPhone; that’s virtually impossible to cover them all within the scope of this article. But, there are some great things that your iPhone can do.

Apple, you’ve done it again. While the new iPhone 6 is sleek, its jam packed with lots of other features too. Sure it looks good, but what does it do? There are some new tech installations that are sure to appeal to all kinds of people. Whether you’re into aesthetics or sheer tech-nerdiness, there are some amazing things that your new iPhone can do.

Let’s find out.

Battery Woes, Be Gone

Batteries are the bane of any smartphone. But, the new iPhone can ensure that your apps are not sucking the juice from your phone. On iOS 8, you can go into settings, then general, then usage; then battery usage to find out which apps are sucking the life from your phone. You may want to keep them. But, if they’re rarely used, it may be wise to maximise your phone's chances by deleting them. See, it’s savvy.

Hiding Photos

We all have that friend that likes to look through our photos. But, as many a celebrity will attest, some photos are not for the public eye. If you want to make sure that your friend doesn’t see any compromising photos, it may be wise to use the hide photo feature. It stores them safely within your album folders. But, the photos are not stored on the timeline view. Simply long hold the photo that you want to keep private and select the option to hide. Simple.

Tracing Unknown Numbers

Okay, this may not be a pre-installed feature, but its a must have app on any iPhone. Now, you can trace unknown callers on your iPhone by downloading an app. This ensures that you don’t have to suffer the peril of withheld numbers anymore. So, if there is someone you want to avoid, it can be done so with ease.


Keeping it Cool with Grey-Scale

Aesthetics fans will be pleased to know that they can forgo the bright glare of a coloured screen. Now, you can opt to have your phone in grayscale. We’re not sure how useful this feature is, but it’s cool anyhow.

Time Lapse Video

One of the best things about iOS8 is the new Time Lapse video mode. Now, you can film your videos just how you want and then release them into time lapses mode. This is a great way of cutting short laborious videos in a nifty way. You can speed it up or use the slow motion modes contained within the devices. You don’t even have to download the feature; it’s pre-installed. Now, that’s a great way of knowing that your phone is top of the range.