Using a company with a good reputation to offer managed services can be a beneficial way to free up resources and reduce costs - your own staff will have more time to spend on their strategic ICT work within your business and instead of having to recruit and train more on-site employees of your own to handle routine maintenance, you can rely on the managed services provider to take care
of it for you; usually with remote tools from their own premises.

This can have a great effect on your business, and can give you the opportunity to sit back and look at the bigger picture, which may help you to see where your business could be going next.

image via Amcom

As well as unified communications, cloud technology and data centres, Amcom offer a host of managed service solutions to companies across Australia. Here are some of the services, which can benefit your business:


Amcom can support your infrastructure approach, helping you to integrate new infrastructure into your existing environment or maintaining your current setup.


Amcom's Managed Server can provide you with excellent performance and up time along with enhanced security measures, taking the stress out of server management.

Data Assistance

Amcom can manage your performance storage, backup and disaster recovery procedures as well as archiving. They can provide advice on the best and most efficient ways to store data.

Voice Partnership

As one of the leading companies with advanced telecommunications skill sets, Amcom can act as a Managed Voice Partner to your business whether your infrastructure is on your premises, remotely hosted, or even a hybrid of the two.

Network Management

Network services can be maintained and monitored continually with systems that operate 24/7 and with teams based across Australia who can respond rapidly in the event of any problems. They work to ensure that when problems arise, there is a seamless transfer to backup/redundancy procedures already in place so you don't lose access to all your systems, and they will work to get it back up and running the way it should be as quickly as possible.

IT Service Management

Amcom's Managed Network Operations Centre also features round-the-clock monitoring, and experts with the relevant skills are able to analyse any issues with the service and refer it to either in-house or third party support resources promptly so that your infrastructure can continue to operate smoothly.

In the modern business world, using new models of working is becoming increasingly important, and through the use of the Internet and other technologies, it is now easier than ever to use Managed Services. It reduces the need to have large teams of trained specialists on your premises at all times, and means that you can hand over the monitoring and maintenance to Amcom in the knowledge that your systems will be fully managed to your requirements, using the most up-to-date technology.

As part of the Managed Services approach, Amcom can also offer consultancy in security and ICT strategies, and provide systems design advice. Whatever your type of business, they will work with you to ensure that the services you commission from them are reliable, high-performance and will meet your ICT business needs, supported by a network of expertise which includes partnerships with several tier-one vendors including EMC and Cisco. Amcom's analysis and design strengths will help in the implementation of business solutions fully customised for your company's needs so you can get on with running your business. There’s no good reason not to visit Amcom for managed services, so why delay?  You could improve your productivity and profitability whilst ensuring your business runs like clockwork.