You may have noticed many businesses and companies in Australia today advertise a 1300 number on their websites. Communication experts in the region recommend a 1300 service because calling a landline from outside a local area deters some clients, and mobile phone numbers are definitely a big no-no.

In fact, statistics have revealed that when given a choice between calling a mobile number, a regular phone number and a 1300 number, customers are more likely to contact businesses through the 1300 number. So, what are these numbers, and what are their benefits?

1300 Numbers Explained

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In simple terms, 1300 numbers are local call numbers with six trailing digits, which potential customers can dial from any fixed landline for the same cost as a local call. The business and the caller share the cost of this call which encourages the caller to use this phone number rather than a premium rate one. You can easily obtain a 1300 number through a network provider. However, the government owns all 1300 numbers in Australia, and controls them through Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Rather than ownership, you simply obtain the right to use the number in a specific region or area. The type of access rights you will have will depend on the type of 1300 number you obtain, which we will explain below.

Types Of 1300 Numbers

Businesses and companies in Australia have access to two types of 1300 numbers. The main differences between the two types are the kind of business through which you can obtain them, and memorability. These types are:


In basic terms, these 13 or 1300 numbers containing a certain pattern of numbers or spelling out a word, make it much easier for someone to remember them. The Australian government reserves these numbers, and requires you to pay an annual numbering charge of up to $8,000. However, acquiring these numbers gives you additional usage rights. You can easily acquire a Smartnumber via the Smartnumbers website through an auction, which may see you come out with a better price.

Standard issue 1300 numbers:

As the name suggests, these are normal 1300 numbers that any business can easily obtain from any telecommunications company. They are not as memorable as Smartnumbers, but you can still find many good ones available from a good telecommunications company. At any given time, there are about four thousand 1300 numbers at ACMA to choose from, including numbers cancelled in the past and new releases. Having one of these numbers is cost effective and can have a real benefit for your business.

The Main Benefits of 1300 numbers

1300 numbers have numerous benefits compared to other options. For many businesses, the primary reason to obtain this number is the potential to boost marketing campaign response rates as well as their trading catchment size.

Other benefits include:

Portability: You can keep the same number for as long as your business exists. If you move to another location, you can easily configure the number and your clients can keep contacting you on the number they have always used, thus retaining customers and being seen as a stable business.

Ease of use: These numbers are easily to set up and use. They offer you great control, and enable you to effect changes quickly, which is the kind of flexibility especially small businesses need.

Improvement brand image: A 1300 number gives your clients the impression that you are not simply a local business. It also encourages even consumers outside the local catchment area to call you, meaning that you could branch out without moving offices.

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