2014 was not a year without the study of sex. In fact, there's a lot of interesting and sexy things scientists have discovered. Check it out after the jump!

1. Your eye movements indicate whether you are in love, or if it is just lust.

Visual patterns reveal if someone saw another person's face as potential for romance or if they gazed on their bodies, revealing it's more of lust.

2. A kiss can pass 80 million bacteria. 

Still not gross?

3. Some marsupials disintegrate from violent sex.

Scientists discovered a new species of antechinus, that disintegrate from all the violent sex they have. The male's body is so exhausted it drops apart, bleeds internally, muscles degenerate and develops ulcers and gangrene.

4. This could be how dinosaurs made sexy-time.

It wasn't sexy, but this was the only way.

5. Bears like gay oral sex.

Say what? - At least the ones that live in a Croatian sanctuary, according to this paper.

6. Lesbians have more orgasms than straight or bisexual women.

Gosh, who wants to be straight then? Study here.

7. Ancient fish in Scotland invented sex.

These are the first animals to bang privates, some 350 million years ago, according to a paper published in Nature.

8. Geckos were sent to space to make love by Russians.

Is sex in space safe? Russians decided to find out, but they'll have to go through some 44 days worth of video footage to see if they died while having sex or something else.

9. These female insects have a penis. Can have sex up to 70 hours.

Think you can last long? Think again. Think...again.

10. The G-Spot is actually a G-Area.

That's great if you can't really get the spot right. According to new research, the magic button is actually three areas working together. The clitoris, urethra, and front side of the vaginal wall can produce a G-spot orgasm.