Everyone wants to get the latest gadgets. But for truly dedicated tech lovers it can be a huge struggle to summon the funds for the latest piece. It seems like every month there’s something brand new to spend you hard earned cash on. And if you have bought something, it will only be a month before it’s obsolete and surpassed by something newer and shinier.

It can be hard to justify spending a lot in a situation like this. Being a tech lover can seem like a full-time hobby, but one which is forbidden by common sense and finance. So we’ve thought up a few ways of getting a kick out of the latest gadgets without having to break the bank.

Used Gadgets

Whether you’re a motoring enthusiast or a PC nerd, there’s always the option to buy used. Whether you look at online auction sites or used car sites like Imperial Car Supermarket, there’s sure to be something at half the price. The massive advantage about technology advancing so quickly is that products decrease in value extremely quickly. They do, however, retain their practical value. A phone that is three months old is likely to have similar functions to a brand new one, but with a significant reduction in price, especially if it is used.

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Rentals can be a great way to play around with a number of gadgets without having to commit to buying anything. There are plenty of companies out there that specialise in renting to enthusiasts. And if your interest is truly in using, rather than owning, the gadget then this can be a great route to go down. Think about asking around to find a reputable company, as they will probably ask for a large deposit to cover the possibility of damages. You don’t want to be stuck arguing about a scratch on the screen that was there when they sent it to you.

Shared Purchases

If you’re like any other gadget enthusiast, you’ll have a bunch of friends who are into the same stuff. Consider banding together to make a shared purchase of a product that you’re all interested in. This idea isn’t particularly suited to purchases like mobile phones or computers, but for more novelty pieces like aerial drones, it can be a great idea. The added bonus of an arrangement like this is that you’ll always have someone to share your hobby with.

Part Trade

You’ll have a lot of electronics and novelties sitting at the back of your closet. Turf them out and have them sold. Some places will offer you a part trade for new items, significantly reducing the cost of your new purchase. This is a fantastic idea, as it means you stay organised and minimal in your possessions. No one should have loads of gadgets that they never use, and they can be put to much better use in pursuit of your new piece. This should mean that your hobby becomes a sustainable habit as well.