The future is upon us and some parts of what we've seen in science fiction films have already arrived. Here's a list of 17 things that were inspired by film and now made into reality.

1. Minority Report's Heads-Up Displays

Now there's Air Touch technology that lets you touch an air-display of sorts. 

Things are getting real!

2. Star Trek's replicator

Now possible with 3D printers. While it's not as awesome as Star Trek's, it's still a step up from a lot of things. 

3. Star Trek's Virtual Display Device

Or otherwise now known as wearable tech. Google Glass can do this, though the next generation will include augmented reality. MetaPro is on the front lines of this technology. 

4. Star Trek Medical Tricorder

Scanadu Scout will help diagnose you, and it is the closest we have to Star Trek's medical tricorder. 

5. Star Trek Communicator

Motorola V-tec?

6. Ender's Game antigravity battle room

Then there's this: an indoor skydiving room.

7. Star Wars Speeder Bikes

This hoverbike is scheduled to go on sale in 2017. Doesn't come with lasers though. 

8. Minority Report's Targeted Advertising

Advertising will become more intrusive in the future thanks to face scanning marketing technology. Retailers are already doing this.

9. In the Year 2889 Atmospheric Writing

Skywriting now exists. Yawnz!

10. Iron Man's armor

While not exactly like Iron Man's armor, the tactical assault light operator suit (TALOS) is just as good. It will ward off bullets and is designed to give the wearer more awareness of the surroundings. Doesn't fly. Damn :(.

11. Jetson's Robot maids

The Mahru-Z is Korean scientists' attempt to be as close to a Wall-E future as possible.

12. Jetsons' Robot Vacuum


13. The Jetsons' flat screen TVs.

It was only a matter of time.

14. The Jetsons' tanning lamp

Tanning beds exist. And may not be for the best reasons.

15. The Jetsons' Video calling

The Jetsons were spot on with the future.

16. Back to the Future's Hoverboard

We're almost there!

17. Willy Wonka's Pneumatic tube

Vacuum elevators now exist, but not for chocolate, sadly.