If Maslow’s hierarchy of needs could be updated by Maslow himself, he’ll add Wi-Fi right at the bottom as the most basic human need. We’ve relied a lot on mobile data to see us through this far. Now we don’t have to anymore. Here’s PortaWiFi and why we think it actually makes some good sense.

1. Tethering is tiring.

Tethering is a great convenience if you ever need to spot someone some data, but things become tricky when it is your device that suffers. From heating up to losing power very quickly, use this option only when you need to do something urgently and for a short while only.

2. If you are not home most of the time

If the only time you're home is from 9pm onwards, and assuming you sleep by 1am, you're not exactly getting the most out of your Internet plan if you subscribe to something you hardly use. Instead, get the most out of a plan by bringing your wifi with you, everywhere you go. That's the beauty of portable wifi devices.

3. Take your Internet with you anywhere

If you travel much, or are in places that may or may not have WiFi, the convenience of PortaWifi makes a lot of sense. For instance, if you need some Internet in the car, or if you need to share it with different people at any point in time in places other than your own home.

Here's How it works

- Plug it in a wall socket. Connect. Done. Internet away!
- Or plug it in your car via its car adapter. Connect. Done. Internet away!
- Or plug it in your laptop and connect.

Either way, it's the simplest form of being able to share one connection with multiple devices, anywhere.

4. If you work outside a lot

Not everyone is a hipster that has a laptop in a coffee shop, but let's just say that's you, and you need to get out of the house to get some inspiration on some work that needs to be done. Firstly, connecting to public WiFi networks isn't a smart thing to do, what with all the security implications and risks these days. Second, you don't want to be bogged down by a heavily trafficked network.

5. You can increase the WiFi signal by placing the device near you

This may not seem like a problem if you live in a tiny place, but things get real when square footage increases. The reason for this? WiFi antennas are good but not great. There are hacks you can do to modify your router, but there may be walls or materials even the signal can't penetrate, let alone reach. With PortaWifi, you get the strongest signal possible, assuming you're plugging it in to the wall socket nearest to you. Just don't go too far from its reach and you'll be fine.

Internet. Literally everywhere and anywhere. Just plug it, play it, and share it with up to 10 people. For more on where to subscribe, check this link out.