If you're going to spend $350, then you had better know what you're getting yourself into. Luckily, the new Apple Watch actually has some impressive features and functions.

1. It's got a nice clasp lock.

Not really a feature, but it looks aesthetically nice.

2. You can speak to Siri on it.

Though, Android Wear already has that function,

3. Reject someone's friend request on Facebook.

Because you have too many friends already. Or if you like, accept the request!

4. Check messages, and respond with your voice.

5. Draw emojis and share them with friends.

Or dick emojis. Whatever tickles your fancy. Here's one really nice one from Visual Idiot

6. Detect heart rate and pulse.

7. Track fitness progress.

8. Get vibrating notifications when changing directions.

9. Lock your hotel room and car.

Okay, pretty damn cool, this one.

10. Tap on contacts with "Digital Touch"

11. Actually use it as a watch.

12. Play arm-wrestling on it.

Check it out here. Here's a video:

Not bad for a smartwatch. After all, it's a ton of upgrades from their last version: