Apple unveiled its new Apple Watch today. It uses a "digital crown" that lets you scroll and zoom in on stuff. That's great, except, lefties aren't going to enjoy this very much.


Will there be a left handed version?

Or should lefties wear their watches on their left hands from now on?

In 1984, Steve Jobs said most of the best engineers he knew were lefties:

What do people do for fun out here? I’ve noticed that an awful lot of those who work for you either play music or are extremely interested in it.

Oh yes. And most of them are also left-handed, whatever that means. Almost all of the really great technical people in computers that I’ve known are left-handed. Isn’t that odd?

Are you left-handed?

I’m ambidextrous.

According to a reporter that tried the watch out, it does in fact have a left-handed mode.