The D-roll, or "digital roll," is what designer Hao Hua considers to be a "next generation laptop design," as it does away with the book-like form factor in favor of one mimicking an artist's scroll. Whether or not something like this will even be possible in the near future seems to matter less when you look at how much effort Hua put in the design.

Up above you can see the D-roll set up like a regular laptop, and it's easy to imagine how portable it'd be all rolled up. There's an in-between configuration that you could theoretically use to browse email quickly, and the straps double as places to plug in your USB devices. It also has a detachable webcam you could use on the computer or wear on your wrist.

Though it's just a concept, it seems there's some interesting thoughts that laptop designers could incorporate as takeaways from the D-roll. Check out more of Hao Hua's design below.

The Awesomer, via Geeky Gadgets, via Oobject