Here's something you don't want to do. Don't smother your phone, because it could catch fire. Samsung is already feeling the heat with Xiaomi beating them up, and now they've got to deal with this.

A 13 year old was jolted awake when her Samsung Galaxy S4 caught on fire after it slipped beneath her pillow.

Ariel Tolfree woke up smelling something burning.

Her dad, Thomas believed the phone overheated and has become unrecognizable.

The whole phone melted. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt.

Samsung says their products are safe and that the teen was to blame.  spokesperson said the user guide specifies not to let the phone be smothered with bedding, which “could restrict airflow and cause a fire.”

They pointed out that the battery was a replacement unit and not an original unit from their company.

Samsung wants to investigate the burned phone and said they will replace her phone, bedding, mattress and pillow.