You probably use the Internet for more things than you like these days. So instead of wasting time, here are some hacks that will change the way you use it. There's even Easter eggs hiding in websites!

1. Ctrl + Shift + T opens up your last closed tab

2. Hold "S" + Right Click on an image to do a reverse image search

3. Drag an image to the search bar

4. Press Ctrl + Enter to Add".com" to any word you type in the URL Bar

5. Hold down "Cntrl" when clicking a link to open in a new tab

6. Turn your browser into a notepad

Here's the text: data:text/html,%20<html%20contenteditable><Title>Notepad</Title>

7. Do it in night mode

Here's the code: data:text/html;charset=utf-8,%20<title>Notepad%20(Nightmode)</title><body%20contenteditable%20style="font-family:%20DejaVu;font-weight:bold;background:#1E1E1E;color:#FFFFFF;font-size:1rem;line-height:1.4;max-width:80rem;margin:0%20auto;padding:2rem;"%20spellcheck="false">

8. Get outside the US

Or if you're outside the US visit for an un-redirected homepage.

9. Press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito browser window

10. Turn off auto-play video on Facebook

11. Mute an email thread in Gmail

12. Calculate the bacon number of any celebrity

13. Play retro video games in Google images

In Google Images type in “Atari Breakout."

14. Destroy this random website

Go to and click “destroy this site” at the bottom. You get to blast the page away Space Invaders style!

15. Find hidden easter eggs with the Konami code.

The famous Konami code is “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A” and if you type it into certain websites it unleashes a cool easter egg. Go to these webpages and type it in for a whimsical surprise.