It's hard to decide which phone to get if you're in the market for a new one. There's just too many to choose from these days. If you take a step back and look at them from a different point of view, you'll realize they're all pretty much similar. How about choosing something with the most practical protection: a waterproof phone.

Here's the Sony Xperia Z2 taking some abuse from everyday accidents to purposeful acts and why it may just be hardier than it looks.

1. If you accidentally drop it in the sink full of water, it'll still work fine

God forbid you drop it in the toilet, but it'll still be okay. (We think.)

The Z2 is a top performer, and it uses Qualcomm's most recent quad-core processors and runs KitKat.
Fun fact: More people drop their phones in sinks, and this happens more often than you think.

2. If you spill coffee over it

It happens. If your idea of a good morning is having some caffeine first, then you might have found yourself in this scenario before. Spilling coffee over your gadgets suck. It sucks more when it wrecks the gadget itself.

Sony's Z2 comes with an impressive IP55/IP58 rating which makes it both slim and waterproof and resistant to the tiniest dust particles.

3. If you spill milk over it

It happens. Just like coffee, the chances of this happening increases though, if you have a toddler waving his arms like a raver at the dining table.

4. If you want to leave it in filth like this? No problem.

While we're certain no one would leave their phone lying in filth, the Z2 can stand up to 30 minutes in freshwater. We left it for a total of 15 minutes swimming in diluted coffee.

5. Jumping into a pool with it is totally fine

The only issue with jumping in the water with your Z2 is the pressure may be too hard for you to continue recording. We tried doing this a couple of times and only managed to capture jumping-into-water footage by tilting the phone at a 45 degree angle, otherwise recording just cuts off. But otherwise, the phone is able to record underwater video by hitting the side record-button on the phone.

6. The Z2 is impervious to most drinks.

Some green tea for your smartphone, sir? I hear it's good for health!

7. You don't have to buy waterproof cases for it

Forget waterproof cases already. You've got a seriously mean camera and Sony has made it more badass by making its software for it even better. Though, if you are in the market for a case nonetheless, here's what it'll look like:

8. Picking up calls in the shower

We can't imagine anyone picking up phone calls in the shower. That alone-time you spend with yourself shouldn't be interrupted. Our best advice: don't do it. But if you want to anyway, totally fine.

9. It'll totally be fine in this scenario too:

Pouring some Milo over it because you totally can.

10. And get to wash off smudges when people insist on checking your phone out

Annoying people love to touch everything. From your glasses, to your phones. And then smudges happen. Thankfully, Sony had the vision to make all of that go away. Washing your phone is completely fine. 

The Sony Xperia Z2's form and function is built for some tough handling. It comes with an IPS display, which improves the quality vs. previous Sony devices, including the Z1 and has a smaller bezel that frames the 5.2 inch screen.

Its camera is genius, and includes a number of filters and different camera modes provided by itself and third-parties and even supports 4k video recording. The phone itself doesn't support 4K playback, but you can capture stuff with zoom with relatively little loss.

While we're sure it won't replace your dedicated underwater camera just yet, you can be sure it's hardy enough to take more than the everyday beating your older non-waterproof phone can handle.

Just be sure to close all the covers for the micro USB port, micro SIM slot and the memory card slot.

Check it out here.