Are Lego bricks the future of construction? A company called Kite Bricks is developing a construction system claiming it to be 80% cheaper and quicker than current methods all while being environmentally friendly and…quiet.

Their products are a line of various shaped bricks designed to be easily combined with each other using robots to build homes, office buildings, bridges, and more.
The block is constructed of high-strength concrete with unique properties that allow for the building of truly ecological structures, with large savings in electricity expenses associated with seasonal heating and cooling. The block allows for faster, cheaper, more precise, and stronger building than is available through traditional building methods.

Bricks are designed to be easily joined together, with open internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements to be run through the bricks and allow for easy access to these elements.

Floors, walls, and ceilings are all constructed by appropriate bricks to allow for facile, solid construction with little mess and significantly reduced construction costs.
Check out the computer animated demo below: