Before Apple launches a product, the rumor mill starts to turn. And we'll be bombarded with all kinds of concepts, to mockups that could look like the actual thing. But how many have been wrong? Here are six, that totally missed the mark completely.

1. iSlider

Designed by "Nick C" in response to a competition Engadget held to imagine future Apple products back in 2006. We guess the designer was still stuck in the "slider" era. Look, there's a QWERTY keyboard too.

2. iPod-iPhone Hybrid

This appeared on ESATO in 2006 and it took the iPod and made it into a phone. It came with a 2.2 inch screen, which would have made everyone else scream. Imagine trying to play Angry Birds on that.

3. iPhone as Blackberry?

It wasn't far fetched to think that Apple's iPhone could look like the BlackBerry. After all, the QWERTY keyboard was all the rage. This concept from November 2006 follows that trend. Except it looks like something we've seen before in old Star Trek movies. Is that a "communicator"?

4. iPod Nano That Talks

Does this phone remind you of a Sony Ericsson phone? Designed by Japanese designer Isamu Sanada, who imagined a brick-style phone, this actually kind of looks like the second generation iPod Nano.

5. iFlip?

Sanada also tried to guess that future Apple products would be flip phones. Good guess. Too bad no one uses flip phones these days.

6. iPod With a Trackpad

This actually sounds like a mini computer, and it shows a screen with a UI that has a keyboard and then a trackpad. Why? For fun?