There are two iPhone users in this world: those who barely have any apps and the apps that are there are rarely used and those who have too many apps and rarely ever use any of them. Either way, the issue is smartphones were made to be used and these apps are the ones you need to have that I guarantee you'll use more than once. They're awesome and you'll be wondering how you were living life without them before:

1. AroundMe.

This app makes it easy for you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings by taking your location and showing you what's the nearest bar, restaurant, coffee shop and more, to you.

2. FastCustomer.

FastCustomer ends the struggles of waiting on hold and listening to awful elevator music for 20 minutes. Instead, the app will call any company for you, navigate the system, wait on hold and then call you when the company picks up. What a time saver!

3. Genius Scanner.

This is seriously awesome. It allows you to take pictures of notes and it turns them into PDF files which you can later transfer to your computer.

4. Horizon.

This is for everyone who loves taking videos on their phone, but forgets to take them horizontally. This app makes your videos horizontal no matter how you hold your phone.

5. IFTTT-If This Then That.

This app synchronizes your social media accounts and apps together. For example, you could change your Facebook profile picture while you're switching your Twitter one, all at once.

6. Pocket.

You might not have time to read all the articles that everyone is posting on social media, so save them for later in pocket! You'll never miss a beat.

7. Songkick.

Songkick scans your Spotify and iTunes library to note what artists you like. When those artists are playing in your area, or in an area near you, they'll notify you!

8. TripIt.

This one's great for travelers because it keeps all of your travel itineraries in one place.

9. VSCO Cam.

If you think Instagram's filters are great, VSCO Cam will blow you away.

10. Wolfram Alpha.

This app's aim is to "collect and curate all objective data; implement every known model, method, and algorithm; and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything."

11. Snapguide.

This is a fantastic way to learn how to cook or learn how to play an instrument, or do anything. It's got a collection of how-to guides, and you can also make your own to share with others!

12. Venmo.

This one's great for forgetful people. You'll never forget to pay a friend back again. The app makes it easy for you to transfer money to your friends, for free!

13. Wikitude.

Wikitude uses augmented reality to find you the best bars, pubs, restaurants and so on.

14. TalkTo.

"Now it’s easy to find what you’re looking for without calling around or wasting time. Need to know if something is in stock or how much it costs?"

15. FileThis.

FileThis is a digital solution where you can take a picture of an important receipt or document and keep it with you wherever you go.

16. Timbre.

Timbre lets you expand your musical taste by giving you a listen to local bands in your area and never lets you miss a show.