Autonomous cars are making their way into our lives very soon. Google's making one. Volvo's making one. Mercedes and a few more automakers are not that far behind either. Soon, you'll be living in a whole different world! But if you're unwilling to wait for that sort of car to come to market, Cruise will sell you the privilege for $10,000.

The company will retrofit your car with cameras, sensors and computers to make it semi-autonomous. The only set back? It is only available for Audis made in 2012 or the newer Audi A4 and S4. The kit will include an array of sensors that mount on the top of car, and actuators to control the steering, brakes and accelerator.

Cruise is only making 50 to start, won't deliver them until next year. Their setup relies on mapping data to keep cars from banging into each other. Without it, it can't quite be used. It doesn't work in rain, fog or dark either.

Check out the video below:

Would you be willing to turn your old car into an autonomous one?