I'm almost a little embarrassed to admit that I first thought this was a photo of a real space shuttle. Two Japanese LEGOsmiths used a whopping 65,000 bricks and 1,590 man hours to complete the stunning diorama, which even simulates a launch with flashing lights under the boosters and a vocal countdown. The only thing it doesn't do is lift off.

Part of the "Nasu Space Center," it appeared as a scene in Nasu Highland Park, an amusement park in Japan.

The duo who assembled it are said to be participating in an event to top the tallest LEGO tower ever built, an accolade which is currently held by LEGO enthusiasts in Vienna, who constructed a tower over 96 feet tall. (The space shuttle is a separate project. In the video, there are LEGO men standing dangerously close to the launch pad, so it can't be more than a few feet tall.)