As far as bike locks go, there never really was one that give you more security than it promised. This is Skylock. It was designed by ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers and it is the bike lock you've been waiting for.

The Skylock uses Bluetooth 4.0, and works on a keyless unlocking system. It syncs with its Skylock app, and you can press a button to unlock it. Either that, or you can set a proximity detection and it unlocks. If your dies, you can still unlock it via a combination pattern lock.

The lock also features a theft alert system. It has built-in accelerometers and Wi-Fi and you can connect the lock to a nearby Wi-Fi network. If someone messes with your bike, the accelerometers will detect it and will send a push notification to your phone via the app.

Lastly, it has crash detection. If Skylock's accelerometers feel you had an accident, its app will ask if you're okay. If you don't respond in a certain number of seconds it will automatically call emergency responders and give them your position.

Watch the video below: