Humans will be going to Mars, eventually, and further perhaps in the future. NASA has a timeline and goals on how they will make that possible as well as when. The plan outlines what steps we'll need to take for human exploration on Mars.

First, we'll have to get astronauts to test technologies for long duration space travel in the International Space Station. And then, they'll have to study the effects of space on ISS astronauts' bodies to understand how space travel can cause medical problems.

When that's done, deep space missions will be next. That includes capturing an asteroid and redirecting it to an orbit around the moon. Astronauts will load up into the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle capsule and get sent to the asteroid via NASA’s new Space Launch System rocket.

NASA will also be testing new spacesuits and technologies along with its Solar Electric Propulsion System.

By the 2030’s, NASA feels that we’ll be ready and armed with enough information to land humans on Mars.