It looks like Google Glass could be making a beeline for your eyeball. They plan to bring smart contact lenses to diabetes sufferers. Now they have secured two patents last week for the cutting edge, biometric sensor technology.

The contact lenses are “Ophthalmic Electrochemical Sensors.” They feature sensors and an antenna and are designed to read chemicals in the tear fluid of the wearer's eye and alert if blood sugar falls to dangerous levels.

According to the patent:
“Human tear fluid contains a variety of inorganic electrolytes (e.g., Ca.sup.2+, Mg.sup.2+, Cl.sup.-), organic solutes (e.g., glucose, lactate, etc.), proteins, and lipids. A contact lens with one or more sensors that can measure one or more of these components provides a convenient, non-invasive platform to diagnose or monitor health related problems. An example is a glucose sensing contact lens that can potentially be used for diabetic patients to monitor and control their blood glucose level.

Google announced the project in January, but still has to get FDA approval before anyone starts wearing smart contact lenses. Could they eventually evolve to the next version of Google Glass?