A team of UK design students have come up with a conceptual solution for an electronic monocle called Amoeba. It shows you pages you find most interesting, and measures your bio feedback response.

Designed by Sanya Rai, Carine Collé and Florian Puech, students at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London, Amoeba packs three different types of sensors to assess your emotional state. There are heat sensors located near your mouth, and a camera pointed at your eye to watch your pupil size and a skin sensor monitors for increased perspiration.

"We envision that you would wear the Amoeba device before you start your web-based research," Sanya Rai explains on her website. "As you go through different webpages, the device senses your bio-data and quantifies your interest. When you are done, you can then go to the Amoeba app and select the keyword you were looking at.

If you thought Google Glass looked stupid, this is at least a factor of 10 from it. [Vimeo via Motherboard]