Which country gets more coitus than most? How do we even know? This map claims to measure the frequency of sexy time and the duration of sex by country. Maroon means tons, and as the shade gets lighter, the frequency drops.

The data that comes from Spreadsheets, a sex activity app analyzing data from movement and audio levels using your phone's accelerometer and microphone. The map has data from 13,500 users across 133 countries so it doesn't mean it's entirely accurate, since it doesn't cover the whole world.

Here's the top 10 anyway:
  1. United States (3:45)
  2. China (2:40)
  3. Canada (3:41)
  4. United Kingdom (2:56)
  5. Russia (3:31)
  6. France (2:53)
  7. Australia (4:02)
  8. Mexico (3:23)
  9. Spain (3:22)
  10. Italy (2:50)