Google has revealed some details about its plans for Project Ara - the Android powered modular smartphone. The details aim to give developers a better understanding of the platform.

There will be two more developers conferences planned for July and September this year and the first smartphones are expected to ship next January.

Eremenko said the first phone will be a generic "gray phone" which will cost developers about $50 to make. He did not reveal the eventual price, but it will be purposely designed to be "drab" to encourage more creativity and personalization.

Users can create a personalized design based off the color palette of images, or can create customized 3D printed textures for the surface of their device's modules. It can be placed on top of the surface of modules and users can swap them out for new designs if they choose to.

Users can also swap out components from the processor to camera, which gives the devices a much longer lifespan.

The conference's agenda is available on Project Ara's website.