The U.S. military is planning to do something similar to Facebook. No they're not creating a social network. Instead, they're using their drones to create hotspots in the air.

The reason for this is quite sound. Communication is critical, especially in remote areas. By having your own Wi-Fi drone flying around providing you with that, things can be a whole lot different.

The RA-7 Shadow drones DARPA has been retrofitting are smaller and deadlier than the Predator Jones. They are 11 feet long and 185 pounds. Here's how they'll get some hotspot abilities:
The trick, of course, is to fit the wireless equipment on the drone. DARPA researchers say they have developed small antennas operating on the millimeter wave band—that's extremely high frequency—as well as special amplifiers that can boost the signal while generating just half as much noise as regular amplifiers.
DARPA will test to see if a Wi-Fi equipped drone actually works for troops on the ground.[War is Boring Top photo: An RQ-7 Shadow drone in Iraq," onclick=";return false;">US Army]