Microsoft is getting into the dashboard game too now. It has been powering a number of auto-makers' interfaces for years already, but they are now getting serious about its own Windows-Phone centric car integration system.

It kind of looks like Apple's CarPlay, and the company unveiled it at its Build developers conference this week. It is at this point a concept still, but is being tested in some actual real-life cars. The system will work as a mirror for what is already on your Windows Phone. It will allow you to access apps like Maps, Xbox Radio, Spotify and more.

"Microsoft in the Car" is currently powered by Mirrorlink, which has the support of a number of cars from makers including Honda, Volkswagen and Toyota. Check out the video below:

For now, there's no telling when we'll actually be seeing this in our cars. Will they be bringing Cortana in as well? Let's hope so. [TechRadar, The Verge]