April Fool's Day had some pretty impressive pranks. This year, more companies and websites got on board the pranking bandwagon by showing off fake gadgets and fake news. Here are some from technology companies we wished weren't fake at all.

1. Google Emoji Translator

2. Tea-powered MINI Cooper T

BMW's head of fake department claims a single cup of tea can power the MINI Cooper T for up to 40 miles. Now, if only...

3. Sony Power Food

What if you could recharge your gadgets with food? Some brilliant engineer figured a way to do just that, creating a "voltaic enzyme" that converts the energy from fat and sugar to electric power.

4. Razer Eidolon Wearable Drone

Razer's Eidolon Wearable Drone system provides you with a real-life third person view of you doing exciting things. See yourself from a third person video game perspective.

5. Samsung Fingers

Samsung Fingers is their wishful vision of the future of wearable tech. Actually, this doesn't really look fake, because we'll probably see something like this in 10 years time.

6. Virgin + Nest's In-flight Total Temperature Control

Nest and Virgin America are teaming up to make your flying experience less crappy. Richard Branson and Tony Fadell talk about Total Temperature Control, a way for each passenger set their own custom climate.

7. Gmail Shelfie

The emoji translator isn't the only prank Google cooked up. Now you can take it one step by using the Gmail shelfie, a way to put yourself as a theme on someone else's Gmail account.

8. Klingon Rosetta Stone

9. HTC Gluuv

Looks similar to Samsung Fingers, though HTC's Gluuv smartphone appears to have something else over the Korean giant - HoloCalls (holographic calls), a way to wirelessly charge a giant boombox by holding its handle and gestures that translates to Likes on Facebook.

10. Sphero SelfieBot

Orbotix, makers of the Sphero Robot Ball, have concocted up a new way to take selfies: the SelfieBot.