Will we finally see a larger iPhone this year? Rumors have been floating around for a while already, and even the WSJ suggested that there will be two larger sizes coming this year. Now, Reuters is suggesting that the larger screens are going into production in May.

According to the usual sources with knowledge of the matter, Apple is going to put a 4.7 inch screen into production and a 5.5 inch screen later. Japan Display, Sharp Corp and LG Display will be making those screens.

Could this be a game changer for Apple?

Both sizes are supposed to use the in-cell touch panel technology introduced in the iPhone 5. It is built into the screen to make it thinner and lighter.

Because it will apparently be tougher to get that working in a larger display, the 5.5 inch display will enter production several months later after the 4.7 inch one.

Let's wait and see if these rumors pan out to be true. More to come soon, we're sure. [Reuters]