Tesla's Model S can be unlocked using a simple basic hack. The expensive car's six character password is apparently vulnerable to some hacking techniques if you leave your car and your car's data lying around with some tech-savvy stranger.

Revealed by Nitesh Dhanjani, a corporate security consultant and a Tesla owner, at Singapore's Black Hat Asia security conference, the car won't go into drive without the actual key fob present. But it is still possible to both unlock and access the car's internal data system.

Once a hacker has the owner's six character password, using an accompanying app will grant the hacker access to the car's monitoring system as well as allow the hacker to perform minor tasks from controlling the car's headlights to halting charging.

Dhanjani also discovered that Tesla support staff has the ability to unlock and monitor vehicles remotely, meaning Tesla employees would be able to pinpoint and unlock any car on the road.

Cars of the future, this is your real problem.

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