The tech coming from Iron Man is getting more real with technology companies rushing to bring sci-fi to reality. Tony Stark's see-through phone, which features a holographic interface looks like the stuff of the future. And Samsung just filed a patent for that.

The patent however, is for a camera, not a smartphone. The device is highly reminiscent of Stark's phone. For one, it is see through, and features an oversized viewfinder. The solid portion of the camera will house the flash, power button, lens and more.

The camera will allow you to stare straight into the eye of whoever you're aiming the camera at. And since Samsung has mastered the transparent display, we don't see a reason for this to not move to smartphones.

But still, this is a patent, though Samsung isn't the kind of company to sit on them for too long. Can't wait for this.

[Wall Street Journal, via Slashgear]

Samsung's transparent OLED screen from CES 2010:

Independent projects:

We'd love to have this phone: