Philips revealed their wireless lighting system called Hue last year, which you control with an app. The bulb comes with 16 million different color settings with varying intensities. Now, LG is following suit.

LG has launched the Smart Bulb in Korea, a light bulb that connects with Android and iOS devices, providing several interesting features.

According to the company, the bulb is 80% more efficient than other incandescent bulbs and can last for a whopping 10 years when turned on for roughly five hours every day. It will let you control and adjust the lighting to match the mood of a song or tell it when to turn on and off at times while you're on vacation or set it to flash when there's an incoming phone call.

LG's Smart Bulb is not the only connected light bulb around. Recently, a company called AwoX announced a light bulb that can double as a Bluetooth speaker.

The price for the LG Smart Bulb is 35,000 won ($32) in Korea; there's no word when the device might come to the U.S.