Phishing scams are aplenty, and here's the latest one. A security company revealed a very similar exploit which involves the Apple ID log-in screen. You'll want to read this to familiarize yourself now.

Netcraft explained the scam on its blog on Wednesday. It starts out with a legitimate URL, which will redirect you to what looks like a legitimate Apple ID log-in page. Except, it is NOT.

When you enter details, you're taken to another screen that asks for a host of personal details from name to credit card number and verification code, date of birth and your mother's maiden name. After clicking, you're redirected to the actual Apple ID home page.

EA is investigating the situation and claims it has already fixed the vulnerability that allowed the phishing page to be set up.

But whatever it is,. just be careful of where you're logging in. Even the most experienced web users might fall for this.


The Fake Apple ID Page

The Real Apple ID Page