Apple might have plans to release a new fitness tracking system in the future called Healthbook. According to 9to5Mac, there's a lot of details about the system. It is quite comprehensive. Could this be connected with some sort of iWatch?

Healthbook takes its core design from the existing Passbook app for ticketing. The file box will store a variety of health metrics that will be able to tell you about everything from fitness to nutrition to sleep and more. In each of the categories, Healthbook is capable of charting a lot of metrics.

The results: Healthbook will have a comprehensive picture of your overall health. Like a fitness tracker but instead this will help you  monitor your weight, activity and nutrition. It will also keep an eye out on your heart rate and blood pressure.

Tracking bloodwork, oxygen saturation, and blood sugar would be a revolution for people who need to monitor those metrics on a daily basis. The app will also be able to track hydration, which is totally new in any form of tracking. What's scary is that your phone is going to know more about your health than you do, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Will Apple integrate Healthbook into a wearable tech or into the next generation iPhone? So far, there's no concrete data on where it will show up yet, but it could be data from the iPhone's onboard sensors.

9to5Mac says we can expect Healthbook to land with iOS 8 later this spring. [9to5Mac]