Barely a month since the release of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, the Cupertino giant shows no signs of slowing its pace, as they make their first attempt in venturing into a new aspect of the phone arena. Last year, the mobile market was astounded when leaked photos of the iPhone 6 made its first appearance, signaling the possible birth of Apple’s first phablet. With the boatload of rumors circulating the virtual space, it’s almost impossible to find the exact features that will give a clear picture of the device.

In this post, we have exhausted the Internet to give you a full rundown on what to expect from the new phablet.

According to TechRadar, the processor of the rumored next iPhone will likely be a powerful quad-core A8 processor, or an “evolved” version of the A7 chip set. According to O2, the commoditized handset only borrows the A6 chip of the iPhone 5, while the new flagship iPhone 5S runs the A7 chip. With the A8 chip on the speculated handset, there seems to be a promise of a better efficiency and battery conservation.
Apple to introduce a new technology?

According to reports, Apple is set to introduce a new trend into their flagship handset, known as the solar technology. Last February, the company was reported to have secured a patent for the utilization of solar panels in portable devices. According to CNET, the integrated solar assembly will use social cells and electrodes, which will function as a touch sensor and a solar power. In this connection, speculations are brewing that the company is looking for thin film deposition technology specialists.

If rumors are true, then the iPhone 6 will be a 6-inch device, debuting a curved and a wrap around screen. This wrap around design is made of an AMOLED screen, which is reminiscent of the dimensions of the iPod Nano. Moreover, the design patent suggests that the screen can be “unfolded,” allowing the gizmo to double in size for multitasking purposes.
Will Apple finally integrate NFC?

The iPhone 6 has a potential of boasting the near field communication (NFC) feature, which is evident in its competitors such as the Galaxy line up and some Lumia handsets, said iDownloadBlog. This feature allows a wireless communication between two devices over short distances like the Airdrop, but it works for other devices, too. You can also purchase a cup of coffee by swiping the iPhone 6 to an NFC-enable point of sale machine (POS).

TechRadar also reported that there is a big possibility that the handset will sport a 13-megapixel snapper, which occupies less room without sacrificing image quality. While the latest flagship promises a 33% increase in light sensitivity, mobile photography pedants are keen on seeing a 1/2/3 size sensor, which is the type utilized by Sony Xperia handsets.
Eye tracking feature?

Apple can’t ignore the massive potential of this feature in advancing the phone in terms of technicality and, of course, in sales. According to the International Business Times, uMoove is the firm behind the eye tracking sensor of the iPhone. This rumor became clearer when the company revealed to The New York Times that eye tracking and motion control are key players in advancing mobile technology.
Based on iPhone’s history, there’s always a half-step S model before the next numbered Apple smartphone. This gives a clearer perception that the iPhone 6 is definitely the next phone from the company. However, Apple fans will have to wait a little longer for the handset’s availability, as analyst Peter Misek said that the gizmo will arrive in June next year.

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Image: Stefan Svartling via Picasaweb.Google