How fast can you assemble a Rubik's Cube? If you can that is. This is the Cubestormer 3 and its one and only job is to solve the cube as quick as possible.

The robot smartphone brain at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, UK did just that at an astounding 3.253 seconds. It is faster than any human or robot in the world.

Built by David Gilday and Mike Dobson for pure speed, the robot uses a Samsung Galaxy S4 brain tricked out to an Exynos octa-core processor with four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 processors controlling eight Lego Mindstorms actuators.

Gilday said, "we knew Cubestormer 3 had the potential to beat the existing record but with the robot performing physical operations quicker than the human eye can see there's always an element of risk."

Watch how the smartphone brain analyzes the cube's starting arrangement and instructs its robot arms to carry out the feat.

As for the previous robot record, it was held by Cubestormer 2, which clocked in at 5.27 seconds. The world record human solver could only muster a 5.55 second run back in 2013.