What lengths will you go to take your band on tour? First of all, you're going to need money. Funk band Vulfpeck has an idea. They made an entirely silent album designed to siphon cash away from Spotify. And it might actually work.

This is what happened: Vulfpeck released a 10 track record called Sleepify on Spotify. Each song is just 30 seconds long, and they are completely silent. If you leave the record playing while you sleep, they'll make $4 overnight. Is it that easy to scam Spotify?

The band will then take the money for a tour, where, presumably they'll be playing real music.

Because the silent tracks are very short, the band might just be able to earn more money faster. And the best part? It doesn't violate any rules, at least, not that we're aware of.

And judging by how many sites covering this already, we're sure Spotify knows about what's going on. Check out the video below: [Sleepify]