Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 seemed to have disappeared into thin air last weekend and still hasn't been found after five days of search and rescue. A crowdsourcing company has started a campaign to help find the plane. Anyone can search satellite images to find traces of Flight 370 and its 239 passengers.

Digital Globe sells high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography. The company acquired the crowdsourcing application known as Tomnod ("big eye" in Mongolian), boosting the application's capabilities with stunningly detailed images from its six sophisticated satellites.

After creating an account and learning how to use it, you can pore over images of the open ocean and tag objects as airplane wreckage, a life raft or oil slick.

However, if the plane has submerged completely below the ocean, it'll probably be no chance of spotting anything with satellite imagery.

Will all these amateur eyes hinder the work of rescue teams? [The Daily Beast]

Update: Meanwhile, this oil-rig worker says he saw the plane go down:

Update: The coordinates in this letter seem to correlate, at least approximately, with an object spotted by a Chinese satellite.