Don't want to wait for the perfect pair of sneakers to drop? You don't have to. Now, thanks to a new flexible filament from Recreus, you can use it in standard 3D printers without clogging the nozzle. You can design and print your own kicks, and in a variety of colors. Take that, Nike ID!

The only limiting factors are really just your imagination.

The FilaFlex filament can be used like regular plastic material, and when cooled it remains soft and flexible.

For now, these probably aren't the future of footwear, and we're not sure if you can actually design and print your own Marty McFly ripoffs with precisions. Either way, it's something so unique no one has it. Or it could be something so ugly, you shouldn't have printed it in the first place. [MakerBot Thingiverse via 3D Printing Industry]