LaptopMag got a quick look at Samsung's new N110, which is essentially a refresh of the well-liked NC10. And Akihabara News brings tidings of the NC310 (above), a hot-looking number headed to North America eventually.

Starting with the N110, the improvements over the NC10 include a better keyboard and trackpad, a new glossy finish and a six-cell extended batter for up to 8 hours of run time. Components-wise, it's the same, so the update is largely cosmetic, but Laptop is loving the new keyboard and trackpad. A decently configured N110 will run $469, and despite its premium price, Laptop is calling it "a near-perfect netbook."

And then, over to the NC310, we've got a pretty awesome looking matte finish with a giant SAMSUNG emboss. Specs beyond that are fairly thin, but Akihabara news is claiming an 11-hour extended battery, which bests the N110's by three hours. Apparently this one is headed to North America after debuting in Korea—let's hope, as its definitely the looker of the two.

Both 'books are of the 10.2-inch variety. [LaptopMag, Akihabara News]